We hereby present to you the NuBra original MADE IN THE USA!

NuBra is the original patented strapless, backless adhesive bra. Our philosophy is a simple one: make a bra that offers support, comfort and freedom, but eliminates all the stuff that make bras uncomfortable.

Since 2002 we’ve made our products using the finest and safest materials — including medical-grade adhesives.

Many women think of backless, strapless bras as just for formal occasions, but they're great for all-day, everyday use. Today, we offer a wide variety of styles and fabrics and sizes.

What is NuBra?

NuBra is two separate strapless self-adhesive silicone bra cups that allows flexibility in your body movement and has the most natural feel and look. It is founded by Bragel Int'l. It is totallybackless,straplessandinvisibleunder any sheer clothing. NuBra is also washable and reusable. At the same time, you can get the front closure for SEXY cleavage and lift that gives you all the confidence that you need!

The Secret Weapon

NuBra is the secret of many high fashion models, Hollywood and International movie stars, brides, and millions of woman around the globe.

The Only NuBra Brand In The World

There is only ONE NuBra brand which is made in the USA, tested by the lab and proven to be SAFE and skin friendly. Beware of counterfeit products that are sold at a lower price. There are many products out there that claim themselves to be nubra products and use similar description to deceive customers.

Why buy the original NuBra brand?

  NuBra Imitations
  • Medical-grade silicone gel that is skin-friendly
  • PHA approved, clinically safe and tested to be skin friendly
  • ISO 9000
  • Not tested
  • Industrial grade adhesive cause rashes and allergies
  • Not suitable especially for pregnant woman
  • Worldwide patent
  • Made in USA
  • Generally made in China and of poor quality
  • Super medical grade adhesive
  • Will not fall off even after prolonged wear
  • With proper cleaning and maintenance, adhesiveness will remain strong, even after multiple wears and washes
  • Sensible investment, as it lasts up to 75 wears
  • Unreliable, weak adhesive, falls off easily
  • Loses adhesiveness after washing two to three times
  • Needs frequent replacement which will eventually cost more than purchasing original NuBra
  • No cost effective as it wear out easily
  • Designed so that the texture softness, and elasticity are similar to your skin
  • Coarse material
  • Texture, elasticity and colour different from skin
Shape / Design
  • Design of bra cups follow the natural contours of the breasts
  • Cups are thicker in the middle and thinner around the edges
  • Comes in sizes: A/B/C/D pending products, depth varies with cup sizes
  • Rough and uneven finish
  • Does not fit properly
  • Awkward sizing easily results in unnatural look

We don’t just use them, we believe in them!