Why buy the original NuBra?

  NuBra Imitations
  • Medical-grade silicone gel that is skin-friendly
  • PHA approved, clinically safe and tested to be skin friendly
  • ISO 9000
  • Not tested
  • Industrial grade adhesive cause rashes and allergies
  • Not suitable especially for pregnant woman
  • Worldwide patent
  • Made in USA
  • Generally made in China and of poor quality
  • Super medical grade adhesive
  • Will not fall off even after prolonged wear
  • With proper cleaning and maintenance, adhesiveness will remain strong, even after multiple wears and washes
  • Sensible investment, as it lasts up to 75 wears
  • Unreliable, weak adhesive, falls off easily
  • Loses adhesiveness after washing two to three times
  • Needs frequent replacement which will eventually cost more than purchasing original NuBra
  • No cost effective as it wear out easily
  • Designed so that the texture softness, and elasticity are similar to your skin
  • Coarse material
  • Texture, elasticity and colour different from skin
Shape / Design
  • Design of bra cups follow the natural contours of the breasts
  • Cups are thicker in the middle and thinner around the edges
  • Comes in sizes: A/B/C/D pending products, depth varies with cup sizes
  • Rough and uneven finish
  • Does not fit properly
  • Awkward sizing easily results in unnatural look

We don’t just use them, we believe in them!