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NuBra Malaysia


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The NuBra cleanser is exclusively formulated with smooth and mild ingredients to perform routine and deep cleansing on the adhesive surface of your NuBra products.

It is highly recommended that Nubra Cleanser be used to wash Nubra after each wear to max-out the lifespan.

Nubra Cleanser is designed to efficiently wash off body oil, dead skin, perspiration, lint, etc., that will stick onto the bra during wear.

After washing and drying, the adhesiveness of the Nubra will be regenerated and ready for the next wear.


NuBra sizing chart
* Try a Seamless Push Up for a better fit
† We recommended using an Extender Clip
! Due to individual differences in breast shape and volume, there may be some variation in sizing.

If your band size is usually 36 or up, consider purchasing a NuClip to make your NuBra extra comfortable.

Size up for more coverage: If you wish to get maximum coverage or total support, order a cup size larger than your traditional bra.

Nubra Malaysia Cleanser