NuBra Airy Review

NuBra Airy Review

Lunar July is finally over. It is less than 100 days to my wedding day. I would like to quickly introduce a bride’s good helper, NuBra. Now, they have just launch a new series.Let us see the NuBra Airy review below.


You ladies who wore NuBra will know this. After a few hours of wearing and taking off a NuBra, there will be sweat on your breast. The whole NuBra is like an aquarium. That is an uncomfortable feeling. I am also afraid the NuBra will fall off after sweating too much and it will be awkward.


In 2012 summer, NuBra Taiwan released a new NuBra series. A breathable NuBra “Airy”


Are you curious how it is breathable?


Make sure there is a laser tagging on the packaging when you buy NuBra


D cup is the largest cup size


The Airy series comes in A to D cup. Pick the cup size one size smaller than your usual cup size. For E and F cup ladies, the D cup NuBra Airy will be suitable for you.


Can you see the abnormality? There are lines in between the self-adhesivesness.


The left one: The usual NuBra surface

The right one: NuBra Airy surface(breathable NuBra)


This is their latest professional “curved sticker”. It is to allow your skin to breathe! It allows your sweat and water vapor to evaporate.  


The lines where it does not stick to your skin will not cause the NuBra to be unsticky. I used it and felt alright.



It is also very light. It is only 28g! You will not feel anything. Sometimes, I will forget that I am wearing a NuBra. Those of you who are used to wearing the silicone NuBra might not get use to this light weight NuBra. You might feel like it is not sticky, however it is because of the light weight. If you do not want an exaggerated effect, it is very invisible and you can secretly use it underneath your bra!